Raking mad beauty

IMG_1170 Aww, the beauty of fall. This year was a good one for color and we got to have our leaves for a while. Walking through the neighborhood you could see the beauty of the leaves all in different states of getting their fall on. Most of the time the leaves would change and we would get a rain storm that would pull all the leaves down before we could really enjoy them. Not this year, lots of leaves lots of color but then I look as my yard was deeply buried under the beauty of the leaves. I could hear the grass choking under a sea of yellow and red. There were leaves everywhere.

I looked for my rack. All I was going to do was take the heaviest layer off the grass. This helps the yard next year get the light it needs in the early spring not hindered by leaves. If I don’t do it now I have to do it in the spring, and I could see the yard doesn’t like leaf invasion one bit. So I grabbed the rake and went at it.

After a while I began to sense something about the leaves, something sinister. As I raked the leaves they wouldn’t easily move and seemed to multiply and multiply. What’s with the leaves? I was moving a mountain of leaves and it seemed to be moving itself around as well.

The leaves on the yard at first looked so beautiful and safe but it was a false face, a trap for the muddy wet layer just under the surface. Ready to pull me on my ass! Mad leaves, depressed over their imminent demise.

I believe the leaves are making a point about not feeling appreciated. They barely turn color and we are stuffing them in bags, mowing the piss out of them or blowing them into the neighbor’s yard. I think the leaves wish to be left alone to be allowed to bask in their own glory and left to die in peace without our interference.

I for one am all for it. I will rake the rest next year after their death and final resurrection as mulch in the spring.




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