It’snow frustration


Lovely isn’t it


Funny about life, I went to Los Angeles and there was not a drop of snow anywhere I fly back one week later and there is snow everywhere, like 3-5 ft of it. The temperature plummeted and we are full on in winter. Something that hasn’t happened this early in years. Winter in winter. It’s beautiful but deadly. Because of the cold the snow is more like ice concrete. Shoveling the sidewalk takes huge muscles, the snow is ridiculously heavy.

Sami realizing the depth of the snow

IMG_0897Sami my big nearly feral cat went out filled with cabin fever and realized snow is not a cat’s friend. Back inside he comes and begins taking his frustration out on everything in the house. He is mad that it’s so cold, he’s mad that he can’t go out, he’s Fu*king mad. No joke, he’s hiding in the basement and when he comes up if I touch him he puts his big fat seven toed paw around my arm and bites me, not hard, but enough to let me know what’s up with him.

Zeus made a mistake and didn’t tell me he wanted out, too cold for his ass, and I woke to the smell of death in my house, it was dog shit really, the death smell was my fantasy of removing that animal from the planet. Don’t worry, he’s still alive, but I’m still trying to forgive him.

My garbage cans are buried in 5 feet of snow I have to climb a snow mountain to find them. My garage is way in the back yard and there is so much snow it would be easier to swim to the car than try to walk, my car is on the street and it was -13 last night, it should start, right? Right, maybe…

Yesterday when the car did start I went out and promptly forgot cat food, nice, another reason for Sami to be pissed off. Then because the snow banks are at least 5 feet high no one knows how to drive. Duluth has been a snow nightmare forever so there must be some kind of amnesia that comes upon these townies that makes driving in ice and snow something they never remember having done just several months ago. We are always months away from snow around here how can you forget how to drive in it…

So we have our White Christmas this year, goodie goodie, but just trying to get to the mall for some holiday shopping is like going to the Arctic circle, its dangerous and the polar bears, (humans in puffy coats) are everywhere. Be careful out there, and don’t feed the bears.

It’s snow frustration for sure.