A true spiritual student

To my fellow yogi brothers and sisters, in my humbleness I wanted to share some thoughts with you about what my teacher means to me, and how I feel this gives me a responsibility in return for his service. There have been many master teachers on the planet and we are very fortunate to have a true spiritual teacher in our midst. To do our teacher the greatest of service is to gratefully receive this gift and be a true spiritual student eager to do our work in return. To show our heartfelt thanks towards our master is to follow the teachings with purity of heart and be ready to stand as a lit candle on the path so that others may find their way. To accept fully that we have a true spiritual master in our midst is to be a collective of true spiritual students successfully living the blessings of students of the divine spiritual wisdom. He has lit the path before us it is our duty as his students to do the same for others.

To be blessed with a teacher is a karmic signpost of how much spiritual work we may have done in a previous life and makes finding a true spiritual teacher a great privilege. To show our gratitude for such a gift is walking the path as a true spiritual student, dedicated to being a lighthouse monitoring our egos in service to humanity. The student of divine spiritual wisdom is asked to review their daily activities through the lens of the divine. As you review your day constantly asking the question, did I do the best I could? Could I have done better? Looking at the self and its responses through the neutral viewpoint of the teachings of the divine spiritual wisdom ever willing to grow. We restore karma by right living, even more by righteous living.

As a true spiritual student our manner should precede us as our lives reflect the gift of being a student. As representatives of our teachings our speech even when doing the smallest of jobs shall be filled with uplifting words not those of jealousy or callousness. Our words are filled with the energy of who we are and when spoken speaks of your belief system that which lies unconsciously inside you. Our spiritual growth is reflected by spoken word, through our choice of words and as a true spiritual student they will be filled with light.

When we make appointments or attend classes, when we are standing in line or suffering from any of life’s vagaries we constantly reflect the consciousness of a true spiritual student. We would never think of taking up someone’s time, wasting our own time, we would never appear lazy or ungrateful for the gift that changes our life from fate to destiny. Being a student of the divine spiritual wisdom is learning the keys needed to unlock life’s apparent mysteries. The true spiritual student radiates this knowledge and is a lighthouse to the path. They probably wouldn’t be gossiping or acting in any kind of demeaning manner.

As a true spiritual student we do our work on our own our time. Our joy of being in class together is being united in our energy to feel a greater sense of self. In class we aid in lifting the energy up making it easier on our teacher who is shouldering the entire class. Who are we to cause our teacher even a ripple in his energetic flow? The true spiritual student sits eager to help those students who they can feel need assistance, why be a lighthouse if you are not using your light to aide those around you? Admire your own light long enough and you will be blind and lose your way. We are led on the path by the lighthouse’s who have walked the path before us our job as true spiritual students is to shine our light not bask in someone else’s. If we want to bask in the light of the teacher we should shine with the light of God.

When we are in class we give our attention to our teacher not chattering amongst ourselves.  What could we have to say to each other when in the space of the teacher sharing his word? Who would talk keeping another from being able to hear? Who would look to their phone in class? Who would text? What could be so important and if it is why haven’t you left the room? Why can you not stay in class? Why do you get up making the teacher look up? Why when you speak must everyone look? A true spiritual student knows the sacredness of the teachings and shows proper respect. We think it matters little but look to the karma in your life and think again. When in class be a respectful student.

When we walk the path of a true spiritual student following the teachings given by a true spiritual teacher we will find our lives filled with Gods blessing. As a true spiritual students working to reunite with God who can stand against us and as students of a true spiritual master who are we not to walk our path shining in our manner filled with gratitude. Our teacher and the teachings have blessed thousands of students; it is our job to see to it being even greater numbers. We are living in thrilling times of profound change and are so blessed to have a teacher to guide us let us each on our spiritual walk shine with this blessing.

My life has been profoundly blessed because of my teacher and learning the divine spiritual wisdom. I cannot imagine a world where everyone could not have this blessing. Let us each rejoice and be the very best students we can be both making our teacher proud and being the messengers of God’s light we are asked to be.

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