you’ll get what you need



Whenever I have to explain complex spiritual concepts I find nature is the best teacher, it’s all right there to be seen and by everyone. When I watch the sun going up or down it to me is a prime example of the light of enlightenment. We see that the sky is blue, our atmosphere lit up by the sun but the horizon of a sunset or sunrise shows the power of a greater light. The sky is blue the earth is dark but at the horizon is the promise of a greater light and it is there for us to search for. Though the sun goes down each night we know it will return and this is the promise. Those souls filled with the darkness of greed, power and dependence on substances have in them the promise of light and the spark exists within the self waiting most often for someone to care enough to reach for them and light their inner candle. Anyone on the path has gone through the dark night of the soul in which all things seemingly good are gone and all manner of dark things comes to take roost. It is when the spiritual student is expected to stay in faith when running in fear is our base nature and one to be overcome.

I read book after book of spiritual seekers who have to have their hand-held unable to make a decision unless their teacher or guru tells them its ok, hard to imagine they would eat without being told. Is that a brain in our head or something giving our heads shape? I find that ignorance and naiveté are one thing stupidity something else altogether. How are we to grow if we refuse to take a step on our own responsibility. We have spiritual holy books one after another filled with wondrous words of truth and path taking and humans would give up the right to live their own truth in order to please a teacher or a guru or whoever they thing smarter than them. Its horrifying to this woman who raised children to think for themselves and now as a spiritual teacher I have to watch spiritual students doing the same thing. Has anyone graduated in their thinking and is it a lost cause to think that someday our world will be filled with free thinking humans filled with the greater good than their own status and wealth?

It is our free will to stumble and fall as many times as it takes but really how long does it take to realize the path is yours. We must walk unaided just as we hope our own children will walk and those whose legs can’t will learn to walk with their mind, any good parent would teach that. Our walk is our walk and our pursuit of truth is our own to search, being told is a trap ask any kid forced to go to a school they didn’t pick or forced a career they didn’t want. Speaking up for ourselves and our own cause is our right, not doing so puts you in the path of anyone willing to tell you and they would like the pin number for your bank account.

I watched today a feeding frenzy in the ocean as a school of fish went by, every bird in LA was out their diving and diving for their meal provided by the one who provides everything. They have no need for begging, or hoping or pleasing someone , they do not need to be rich or popular or thin or fat or the right kind of bird, it was a school of fish for each bird that went out there and fished for their meal. It is the same for us, all of our grabbing in life will leave us empty-handed when we ask for more than we need and expect everything we want. There is a bigger picture going on and it behooves us to think before we act and ask so we shall receive and that which would nourish us most and that need is different for every being. Those starving in very poor countries can get along an a cup of rice a day, could you?

So when your brain tries to trick you into believing that you want something and you want it so bad that you can taste it, even when your desire is money so you can help others(I have heard that one a thousand times) be careful what you wish for and remember the Rolling Stones song, ” You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you might find, you get what you need”IMG_1006They got what they needed!


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