Are you listening?

imagesLife is filled with teaching moments. As a matter of fact that is predominantly what is going on here at the great school called Earth. Each moment is another moment to get it right, that is when we are tired of being wrong. A person who continues to be blasted with bad luck and plays the part of the victim, oh woe is me, is a person who is not listening.

For a long time there was a concept of God as a punishing force ready to correct us when we do wrong by throwing our lives in a tail spin supposedly so we would turn back towards the righteous path. Wrong people! God gave us free will so we can bury ourselves if we so desire. We get to choose and when we are ready to choose again we can choose to listen.

I have been at this searching game for a long time and like everyone else just when I think I have it the next lesson shows up, just to make sure. For example, when I am not in charge of my diet allowing my emotions to control my mouth it is only a matter of time before my body tells me just how wrong I was. I can act like a 2-year-old stamping my feet I deserve this ice cream, my life is meaningless, boring, horrible. I want this sugary sweet thing! I am going to eat this bread! I can feel justified by my screaming emotional pain until the day I wake up and my sinus cyst is enraged, engorged and decides it’s the boss of me. To bad for you says the cyst, should have been an adult rather than a child and I am forced to go through a rigorous period begging my bodies forgiveness trying to restore balance to a wacked out body. I am paying a dear price for something I did to myself. I can’t breath.

Pain is no reason to stop listening as a matter of fact it is when we need to listen harder. All painful moments are happening for a reason. Either we stepped away from our truth, we are hiding from our truth or we are ready to hear our truth. It’s a step in maturity to know what is right as opposed to what feels good. Pain is the indication something is off and in that moment when you realize it make yourself quiet and listen. What is your internal self saying? When you understand that the truth, the answers to your questions, both are out there running like a current through our universe, we just need to tune into the frequency and the answers can be ours. We have to learn to listen!

Being hard-headed is fine, having your head buried in the sand is fine, just stop bitching if you don’t want to know or are ignoring what you do know. The consequences are on their way. But if you would like to side step the pile of sh*t you are getting ready to step in, again, stop repeating your bad behavior and own up to what you are doing or not doing. Listen to your internal eternal self. Pray to a higher power. Find someone you trust. Growth will only come when you are ready to take responsibility and listen rather than react. It’s not easy it’s often not fun when you are in an emotional state but in the long run consequences will always be felt as worse than taking the time to discover what the right course of action is. God is in the details and my details include staying away from sugar, you can bet I will not be eating sugar again!!!!. Cyst gone, balance restored! Praise God, I can breath!!!!!!!!!!!

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