learn to question everything, make your truth yours

As part of a spiritual community and a teacher I am either asking questions or answering them. I have a drive to know and I am not so interested in what you know if you have the mentality that what you know is the truth. How do you know its the truth? We have all been lied to at one time or another, and half the time you had no idea you were being snowed. Other times you couldn’t imagine that asking a question would make a liar out of the person you are asking the question to as you watch them lie right to you. I for one hate that!

Have the stones to tell me you don’t know rather than trying to impress me with your so-called knowledge. In the end its my responsibility to make sure the who I am asking the question is a valid source and not someone looking to impress me or get something from me. It really makes me mad when it comes from a so-called spiritual teacher. But then no one said a spiritual teacher was wise did they? That is one of those unexamined assumptions that make an ass out of you and me.

As a teacher myself and the butt of the end of a person who claimed to know, once I knew they didn’t know a thing it became my job to find out for myself. I have the discernment of an adult and enough wisdom to make up my own mind. Oh that would be called freedom. We as people would rather be told than search for ourselves. The media tells us what it wants, the church tells us what ever it wants and more spiritual communities have fallen apart when the truth they stood behind was not the same truth they lived by. You must be a vegetarian, celibate, bald, poor, but not us we are self realized and can do what we want, I mean what we are led to do as per the instructions of our teacher the one we pay big money to and that’s not you.

If we are ever going to grow in wisdom we must turn on our internal truth meter. I mean really if someone told you that the sun wasn’t going to come up tomorrow how difficult would that be to disbelieve? Yet we are constantly allowing someone to lie to us about something. Why ask if these pants make you look fat when you probably already know? If you need some love ask for some love, be honest about what you need and less manipulating. When we step into our truth it will make it easier to say what needs to be said rather than what everyone wants to hear. Of course there is no climate problem on the planet, come on people.

I am advocating for a truthful society. That’s where I want to live.

So question everything until you know it as your truth. Trust your gut to tell you what is real and call out the person lying right to you. They will never mess with you again and you will have activated your own internal truth meter, sometimes refered to as a bullsh*t detector. Use it or lose it.

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