the cruelty of humanity

It’s hard to imagine the mind of a human who sees no value in another human. When a person or set of people actually believe they are better than anyone else. How does that even happen? My mind is blown over the audacity of the man who kidnapped the girls from their school. I cannot even wrap my mind around the feelings of their mothers. All thought they were doing a good thing and a really bad thing happened.

Everyday a child is harmed by another human. A woman is violated a man killed all for someone’ belief or need for power. We live in this same world and that thought has me looking on Craigslist for the housing on Mars, there has to be another place we can go with our precious children so they can grow up safe and sound. It’s no wonder so many children are being home schooled, my own grandson is home schooled. His school became an unsafe place for him, are you kidding me. What kind of world is this?

I think of all the near rape incidents of my own life knowing I was one of the lucky ones who got away, so many other women do not and did not. The small children who are sexually abused by a family member or member of the clergy, all people they are meant to trust. How do we trust anyone at all? Big sigh!

So we must fight, each of us in our own way. We must fight to bring the light of understanding and love to those whose eyes are closed and hearts filled with prejudice. Ignorance will never work in the new world we are building by teaching our children there is good in the world. We have to teach each other to be more loving to those who would scare us and those we despise. We have to have the mental strength to know we are right, those who see God everywhere and in everything. And we must stay the course while the pendulum swings way into the dark it will swing back.

Because the dark is no match for the light and just the littlest candle can break the darkest dark. Each of us who pray for humanity, circle the globe with light are the light workers who will continue to bring in the new age of enlightenment. The dark gets its day but the light will always win. Love is all there is and love is all we need. I pray for the children! I pray for humanity!

One thought on “the cruelty of humanity

  1. We are all part of humanity and if we want there to be less suffering in the world we need to take care of ourselves and those around us we can help. When on person suffers he or she adds to the suffering in the world.
    Let’s send much love where it’s most needed and see with the eyes of love and understanding.
    I don’t think pure little babies were born evil, anyone who’s insane and cruel has lost himself and what is worse then that?

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