Friend or Foe

quote-friends-i-have-made-whom-envy-must-commend-but-not-one-foe-whom-i-would-wish-a-friend-charles-churchill-365387In the world of social-climbing one has to be aware of the frenemy, a person who poses as a friend but who is actually a foe. It does not occur to some of us to monitor our ‘friends’ for envious behavior because after all they are our friends. We have been in the trenches of life together, they would never, yet there are examples after examples of people being taken by the very person who claimed to befriend them. Often they themselves are confused by their place in your life.They lose their perspective as you rise in success seemingly leaving them behind.

My own gullibility has gotten me in trouble many times. I would believe someone when they said they were for me only to be so disappointed when they were not. The beginning of a dedicated spiritual life can put one in this kind of vulnerable position when the community you are a part of has a deeper darker side in the acquisition of wealth, power or fame. We have all watched as one teacher after another gets caught up in the trap laid out to separate those who would think to take advantage of people sincerely looking for wisdom or help. It’s a slippery slop when a community does not stay with the spiritual work that got them to an elevated place to begin with.

We here the words karma is a b*tch, the reality is that the negative karma you are invoking can be the karma that brings you down. There really isn’t enough money on the planet or apparent power to keep a person from paying what is due. Even Jesus had to contend with Satan in the garden as a human displaying power and he rightfully gave the creator his/her due. There was no fooling that master teacher. How about you? Not a one of us in immune to flattery but the wise keep their head down and their butts on their meditation mats until the spiritual truths radiate through each and every cell. This is why it is a spiritual journey and it takes many lifetimes to acquire this level of certainty and the ability to look darkness in the eye without fear.

They say the unexamined life is not worth living and the same can be said about our friends. If you have become successful, or are on the rise be careful of those who would befriend you. A tried and true friend can be turned by envy, anybody can. There is nothing here but the wisdom that is found when the light of your eyes unveils truths. Each person must be met on the level they are at, anything more assumptions or otherwise will just not do. A human is a human. The enlightened soul radiates the light of awareness and understanding followed by compassion and will, they cannot be fooled. Walking the path of light is still an action and each person you meet is there to either instruct you, bend you, or lead you. Use your own spiritual monitor of truth to discern.

Know thy self, and then know thy friends!


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