A greater love for Valentines Day, I’m right here!

“You, God, who live next door–

If at times, through the long night, I trouble you
with my urgent knocking–
this is why: I hear you breathe so seldom.
I know you’re all alone in that room.
If you should be thirsty, there’s no one
to get you a glass of water.
I wait listening, always. Just give me a sign!
I’m right here…

Rainer Maria RilkeRilke’s Book of Hours: Love Poems to God

In a world where we can choose the kind of love we desire to experience this is this kind of love I desire. To be loved because I am seen, my needs ready to be known, the desire to served and be served fulfilled. I want to say and I want to hear, I’m right here!

Never underestimate the power of love. Yet at the same time remember, the truest definition of love contains the effects of suffering, and the knowledge that we can love whomever we want, but we cannot control or make anyone love us back. A love that is given from the heart is in its truest sense a golden gift of life but only when given freely, with no need of love in return.

When we give our love in such a way, freely, loving without condition our heart grows stronger and we gain the ability to love more abundantly. This strength moves through our whole being. We become less judgmental, we see beyond the mask of ego to the hidden inner light of others. True love is the strength of recognizing the other as yourself. And fanning the light in others greatly fans the heart within us. We can heal ourselves when we love others completely, seeing the Divine at work in everyone. It is why the masters teach that love is the highest energy, and love heals all, and the big one, God is love!

Never forget the phrase, therefore by the grace of God go I. At any moment that which you look down upon may come to rest in your life. Or your living room may come to rest in your car. At any moment your life conditions can change. Love your family through their faults, love your friends like your family, and above all, love your creator who gave you the breath of life. It seems so sappy to say it like that, but life cannot be looked at in any other terms than miraculous and we are lucky to be alive. Living in a state of gratitude towards our creator, walking a righteous path will fill your life with a grace not found in others lives. Their pain is in their forgetting.

Do one thing everyday that shows gratitude towards your idea of the source, the great architect of the Universe, the one God. Imagine the work the force does continuously, like our sun for our planet, without asking anything in return from the life it is sustaining. The small time I spend in meditation is but a small gift as compared to the gift of knowing God is watching me every minute. God is listening for my every breath while I have to concentrate and focus, stay conscious while inviting the Divine to be a part of me because I am already a part of the Divine. You can understand the my desire to ask whether God needs a drink of water, because I need God to know I’m right here!

When we work with the Divine Spiritual Wisdom especial in community it brings God right into our lives and success a well lit path to follow.

Sending all of you love and may you have some really excellent chocolate!!!

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