Creative juices


Here’s a shout out to all the artist out there struggling to get their message out of their head and into the real world. It’s not easy to keep facing that blank canvas, or that blank piece of paper, or that blinking cursor on the computer screen. Wanting to say something and having something to say can be two very different things. The only way to get through it is to just do it. You can always destroy the work after it’s out of you. But get the work out.

In all things in life, it is the time you put into working at it that reaps rewards. Even “bad” art is better than no art. Saying something is better than keeping it bottled up. But to keep the creative juices flowing you have to use them.

Everything we do and the how we do it reflects the art of our lives. The way we dress, how we keep our house, shows you are an artist, you may just have never looked at it like that.

When people forget that life is art then ugliness steps up. We become frustrated in our personal lives and in relationships. We lose a piece of ourselves when we stop seeing art, especially when we stop making art. That creative flow is how God can be reflected inside of us. The way we see things, how we feel about things, all the messages contained in our art.

We are all artist, making art in the choice of our career or hobby. Some are secret poets and song writers, frustrated chefs, and unknown interior designers, unseen dancers and sport stars  Whether anyone else sees it or knows it really doesn’t matter. Its the work and somehow we just keep doing it. We have to!

So as I struggle to sit here in front of my screen working on my next project I feel the struggle of all the other frustrated artists before me and in the other apartments around me. The creative juices are flowing all over the place. May they flow all over me!

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