Let’s talk about the word God for a minute…


The light in this church is a great representation of God. The light itself falls over everything and anyone. It does not choose based on race, gender or how much money you have, the light shines.

We are all very confused over the idea of God, or whatever you want to call the higher power that is running the universe.

As you know I am traveling and the one thing I have begun to ask people, is there take on God or religion. Frankly it is amazing how many people simply do not believe in a God, or a higher power of any kind. We are simply on a spinning planet having risen out of the muck, waiting to see what’s going to happen next. Wow!

I am often told to watch how I use the word God and in many of the places I teach they moved to the words, universe, light, creator(same to me), architect of the universe, just so we don’t say the word God because I guess some of you don’t want to hear it. Well let me tell you how I see it and then you can decide if there is a need to get so up in arms, over a word.

I was raised in a born again environment, harsh beliefs, believe it or you went to hell kind of thing, didn’t make sense then, doesn’t make sense now. Really this powerful God has a temper, and is judgmental to non-believers and anyone who would think to die before being saved. Oh and that entire God’s chosen people thing… SO we have all been put here but only some of us are God’s chosen, please people, it doesn’t make sense!

I learned that God can be defined in 3 aspects, G-generating, O-organizing, D- destroying, God was not a person after all, thank you God. God is a force, a verb, not a noun. God is not and has never been your ‘father’ but God is your creator, different story…

When we look at God as a force then we understand that learning and working with the Divine Spiritual Wisdom that explains the laws of the universe, its working, and how we are influenced by everything around us, makes so much sense. It is a force, a moveable force, that is directing us, moving through us, and it is more than the mass that makes up our physical body it is also that which makes us, us. We are also a force living inside a physical vessel. We are animated bodies, not just vessels, we have the capacity for thought, consciousness, God in action all of that outside of our bodies.

The G-O-D words or the principle behind the word God allows us the knowing that we cannot understand the force called God. We will not ever understand the need to destroy in order to recreate, none of us wants to see death at the hands of evil or death by natural disaster it is too hard for us, yet it is part of the GOD force. We all know the new can only come at the destruction of what was.

When we understand that God is a force then we can learn to work with the force, it can be a feel good thing, and we can feel this great force around us, you know the chills you get sometimes when your lover is near, or the sudden awareness that something is up, that is the force of God working with you.

The cool thing is, the force of God is completely unconditional and available for everyone, headscarf, bald head, on your knees,  or silently praying every minute, or ignoring it altogether. This force is available and frankly effecting us all. The wind on your face, the sun in the sky, the pull of the moon, the repeating cycles of nature, are all sure signs of an organized universe given to us, for our comfort and growth. Not just yours, everyone’s.

Its time to get away from the label thing or even the trying to name things beyond our comprehension thing, some things we will never understand, ask the quantum physics guys, some things are just miraculous, ask doctors, nurses and every mother who has ever given birth. But to think we humans are it, when the GOD force is defined as infinite, then we as finite creatures will always have a hard time understanding it. But when we open ourselves to our own infinite nature, given to us by the animating force of the universe, you know G-generating, O-orginizing, D-destroying God, then we will one day all be on the same page of the book of life, knowing without a doubt that we are the GOD force’s children after all.

3 thoughts on “Let’s talk about the word God for a minute…

  1. I lost sight of the shore ; the boat was getting so small !!! such grandeur ; the ocean was kissing the sky ; all I could see ! immensity of blue ….All around me !…. Nothing !…. no houses buildings streets roads directions signs names people ! …Nothing … it was very powerful ; I felt totally overwhelmed ; such emptiness ! to realize we were ! humans ! so so so little ! ….I was confused & panic starts ….as my father starts smiling at me to say … ”I am not your dad !?! ”…on the boat; I am not ruling ; mother earth does… she taught me how to navigate …she talks, makings sounds, moves…
    so U go on the front the face in the wind to connect …. u listen , observe and follow all moves ; clouds , waves , birds, marine life …. I start contemplating ; infinite hours ! …I always got so intrigued by the Horizon line ….infinite ….never starts never ends ….all is open to me I there are no doors what do i need keys for ! …I can go everywhere….then what I believed was Nothing became everything … as my experiences of bad weather & storms ! lol I remember the first giant waves I seen ! surreally ! facing us as hight as a building ! when we ( the boat ) are already super shaken ! tell me about forces !!! my dad said don’t think there is no time to fear otherwise u won’t see the next one .. you are not facing the storm , the storm is facing you … U surrender !
    at the worst , the law is to save yourself first so U able to rescue others.
    long story short ; I did feel the great forces around me for sure to such extreme ! …I was 5 years old this first time out ! ….so people can label me all they want lol my heart & gut are smiling when they tell me to leave my comfort zones . it s fine if we are not on the same page ; I just never judge or label a person from the chapter of his life I enter , it will blind me to see & know them ! only make time to create the space to connect and let GOD & the Light shines .

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