Paradise, while the Earth is burning


I am in Miami with my daughter to celebrate her birthday. A much needed break from the intensity of 2 babies. We are here to relax and get some sun. I see that the heat I am enjoying is causing the Earth to burn with emotions. It is out of control in in paradise and more of our world’s children are being killed, this time sitting in a church. The violence has to stop. Why are we allowing this burning to go on?

I want to believe that the mamas of the world are going to get so tired of it that they will again sing to their children of being better people, to learn how to express anger and frustration to someone who can help soothe their inner beast. When Gods children act out killing others, or themselves, the women need to rise. What is going on?

Be the calm in your world. Do not let your word be a spark to a flame that you can’t put out. Everything you say, the way you say it, is either going to be calming or it will excite an emotional response. It is our responsibility as full grown spiritual God loving people to be the calm the world needs. Now!

Pray for the families, be sweet to yours. This world was meant to be a paradise a place where we would develops our full potential, killing each other is not it!

time to get back to paradise and so grateful to be here with my daughter

Take care of yourself out there

Death to life


My Dad died recently and like all children who lose a parent there is no telling how it will hit you and/or how you will feel. I have a very strong spiritual belief in an afterlife, and a continuation of life. This gives me great relief for as each family member and/or friend leaves the material world I know they are with God. I know they are with me. I know they are safe. I know they are ok. The hard stuff is us left behinds, we must keep moving even when moving is the last thing we want to do.

My Dad died fast like my mother, they willed themselves to the other side, meaning though death was an inevitability for their conditions, there was no real reason for such speed. Their deaths were a testament to the control we have over a very important event and over our vessel. But I get ahead of myself. The speed of his passing meant there were very few spoken words of what was being left behind, and left unsaid.

This is the hard part of death the finality of ease of conversation, and for any exchange. As spiritual students we recognize the higher our resonating vibration the more we are aware of those spirits and souls moving through our physical world. The more we can feel them around us. They are helping and assisting us in our daily struggles and in those most intimate moments when fear sets in. They produce feeling in us until such a day we can more clearly hear the soft still voice. Our loved ones are with us, believe it.

Our loved ones once free of the physical do try and reach out if we ourselves are receptive. It doesn’t mean you are leaving your beliefs behind its you realizing there is a much bigger picture at play and death is the door to the rest of the story. We are not here on Earth for a last curtain call, it is a reoccurring role you play and those loved ones around you are assisting in your life story as you are assisting in theirs. Life is a journey, a game, a crap shoot, luck of the draw, a game of strategy, it is anything we make it. But its up to us to live it, not to get caught up forgetting what is inevitable.

If you are busy chasing titles, labels, accolades, money, fame, love, companionship, worthiness, then you are a person before a death has hit you. Because once death comes close to you, you will realize that the only thing that carries any meaning at all are the relationships you have been a part of. The way you treated people, your people, and other people. The way you took care of your brother or sister or any human challenged by life.

There is a loneliness in chasing that which is invisible in the next world. Your tittles and riches will be meaningless after death only your heart light will speak of who you were. You really can’t take it with you but you can leave a mark on a heart, make it a good one. The light of all the hearts you have touched will be the light that guides you home.

See you on the other side Dad!