Paradise, while the Earth is burning


I am in Miami with my daughter to celebrate her birthday. A much needed break from the intensity of 2 babies. We are here to relax and get some sun. I see that the heat I am enjoying is causing the Earth to burn with emotions. It is out of control in in paradise and more of our world’s children are being killed, this time sitting in a church. The violence has to stop. Why are we allowing this burning to go on?

I want to believe that the mamas of the world are going to get so tired of it that they will again sing to their children of being better people, to learn how to express anger and frustration to someone who can help soothe their inner beast. When Gods children act out killing others, or themselves, the women need to rise. What is going on?

Be the calm in your world. Do not let your word be a spark to a flame that you can’t put out. Everything you say, the way you say it, is either going to be calming or it will excite an emotional response. It is our responsibility as full grown spiritual God loving people to be the calm the world needs. Now!

Pray for the families, be sweet to yours. This world was meant to be a paradise a place where we would develops our full potential, killing each other is not it!

time to get back to paradise and so grateful to be here with my daughter

Take care of yourself out there

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