Judge much


Why are people still judging other people? Why aren’t we first learning to understand, be truly informed, exercising a non judgmental non reactionary way of being? Educated action rather than idiotic reaction!

It is often hard to understand other people. Who are they, where do they come, why do they believe the way they do? The word other being a starting point, we consider people ‘other’ from our selves because of the differences and thus the judgement begins. A She says, “He is not me, he does not know me, he wants to take from me, he wants to hurt me,” and the he says, “she is not me, she does not know me, she wants to take from me, she wants to hurt me.” Change the pronouns same story different day.

Maybe no one wants to hurt anyone and everyone would like to just be ok.

We judge the “others” because we think we know, because we are afraid, because we think something bad is going to happen and when it does we know who to blame.

Right now you can’t talk about anything because you will run into judgement everywhere.

Want to save the children, you are letting terrorists into the country

Want to send money, you are funding terrorism

Want to open your doors, you are giving away our resources

People who judge are very righteous in the reason for the judgement. Finger wagging and responsibility avoided, brain shut off from reason.

If you want to be a part of the change you wish to see in the world at least for the next few weeks, then start by limiting your judgements. If you are finger wagging about things going on halfway around the world from you, and the only source of info is tv, get some more info.

Get educated if you want to fly a judgement flag, know what you are talking about and remember beyond anything else,

Judge not lest ye be judged!


What do you see?

IMG_0524 2

It looks like a picture of the sun in the blue sky, and it is but what wasn’t in the sky were the pink orbs that are streaming towards the Earth. How we see things, and how carefully we see them, makes it easier to discern the truth. Assuming this is just a picture of the sun negates the beautiful pink orbs that can be seen as a sign of love in the air, the universe being encouraging, the awareness of the unseen forces, this image can be more than just a picture of the sun.

It’s an interesting thing to talk to people after a conversation or a movie they have participated in or seen. Each person will have heard or seen a different image or view point. It is as if they were at different events. It is usually the same with fighting couples. It ends up they are fighting over different and conflicting issues rather than the subject of the fight. While frustrating, socks on the floor is not as maddening as a husband who won’t talk, if you pick at your mate to figure out what’s going on, you will end up with a fight on your hands and not the reason for the silence.

How we handle what we think we see is important as well. Just because you ‘saw’ something doesn’t mean you know what is going on or what went on. The unexamined assumption is a mind trap, if you don’t know for sure, you don’t know. If you question what you see then question what you saw. The person who speaks from fact sounds like a person of intelligence, a person screaming accusations looks desperate. Make sure you know before you blow!

In the spiritual world it is said that we are living in a physical universe that is vastly affected by unseen forces. We see 10% of the reality of what is going on around us. We don’t often think about it but we are influenced by the pull of the moon, the power of the sun, the orbits of the other planets, mental noise, technological noise, so much is pushing and pulling at us. We are bombarded by noise so when we are reacting to something we see, we need to make sure we really saw it.

Just take a few minutes in the morning to adjust the viewpoint out your eyes. Instead of throwing yourself out of bed, languish even ever so briefly to awaken slowly, stretch and move and slowly allow your eyes to adjust to the early morning light. Meditate maintaining stillness and quiet on your insides, even for just a short time. Practice having reverence for your precious self and few solitary moments, and then start your day. It will help you stay in clarity.

These kind of acts of self care will help you see what is truly in front of your eyes. A person throwing a fit in front of you may not need your scorn they may need your help. A person quietly crying might need your support. That person who appears ‘crazy’ screaming may be separated from their handler. We do not know what is going on around us unless we stay present and focus on staying conscious throughout our days.

It is then you will know that what you see is really what is there.

let’s talk about unconditional love


There is a lot of “I love you” talk in spiritual circles. A lot of people feel the use of these 3 words can be uttered with little to no regard. Throwing around the phrase like pearls before swine. When we saw we love someone we better be saying it in the spirit it was meant.

Because if you cannot back up the phrase with the unconditional love you are exclaiming then maybe you need to reconsider the use of the phrase. We are so quick to use and reuse words until they lose their power and meaning, us pretending to be awakened when we say things without thinking. I think there is also a misconception that the world of God is a democracy. God is not asking you how you feel about certain things he/she desires, God is insisting on recognition that God is the creator of all.

Love thy neighbor as thyself, see God in everything and in every teaching. When we understand the power of these sayings we will surrender and love those around us as we are called on to do, and importantly, we will love ourselves. Love our neighbors as ourself was a directive of God’s.

Few of us love ourselves unconditionally. Do we think we are not heard by the still small voice we refuse to listen to? Every slanderous thought towards the self is a slanderous thought towards the creator who gave us the breath of life. Might want to check yourself. If God created you and gave you the breath of life then you can take that to mean you are loved by the creator who created you.

But as a whole we feel unloved, un-cherished, unseen by God. It is only because we choose to love that which is outside our self rather than searching within our own heart for the truth that resides in there. We can only know God when we turn within.

Meditation turns us in towards ourselves, so that we may revel in the gift of life that has been given to us by our creator. So that we may remember that there is a mysterious force animating our world and our being. Being grateful allows us to ride with this force not push against it. Unconditional love allows us to be healers of our own life.

When we feel grateful for our life and to the creator who created it, we change our perception of the world around us. When we have love for the creator who created us, we will stop killing the other creations God has made whether in thought, word or deed.

Having gratitude is the understanding of unconditional love. I was given breath and so were you and you and you, must be something creator wanted with us all. There is to much going on for us to think it a coincidence that we just happened upon the path of life. We are on a ride of life and the more grateful the better the ride.

We have to be grateful because we will never be able to fully understand the story of life. What looks horrible today maybe fine tomorrow. Look up at the night sky its filled with an infinite number of stars, this is a big, big world, in a big universe, inside another universe, moving towards and with other universes heading who knows where directed by who knows what.

Unconditional love and maintaining unconditional love towards life puts you on the river of life. Conditional love will push you under because judgement is heavy and heavy gets pushed down. Stop judging and start loving. Love is the force that will lighten your load, unconditional love will heal your heart.

Learn to love the way you truly desire to be loved. Allow everyone to be who they are so you may be who you truly are. Figure out that unconditional love is the game, all other games are being finished as it has been determined that love is the answer.

You yourself cannot be filled with love if you believe that anyone else cannot be loved by the force that is God. Unconditional love is the love of God. God is love. Period, end of sentence.

The end is near


The end of the year that is…

We are heading into the time of deciding what to plant in our mental garden to make seedlings of things and ideas that will gestate during the winter months for completion in next year’s spring.

So many people want the instantaneous gratification of I think it so it must be so. Now while this will get you results put some effort into it, take a stand, do some work, and you will move in the direction you’re desiring. God willing!

People want to quit their job now because they aren’t satisfied. People want to leave their partners, children, old parents, worn out dogs, we are a throw away society and see little good in working on or for something. But do you want to be left, thrown out when your end is near, when your worthiness is deemed not so much?

You reap what you sow, so if you are steeped in horror, check your recent past, keep going back, the seed of your folly is sitting back there, a moment, a decision, something you did started the chain of events you are living through now.

Lets be honest with ourselves for a moment, really, you know what you are doing, you know why you are doing what you are doing. People who claim, not to know, are manipulating you and themselves. That’s not cool and certainly not the kind of role model we need in todays chaotic world. Start looking in the mirror for your most obvious flaw, the one that gets you every time.

Drunk dialing the ex, driving by your old house, Facebook stalking, crying over a failed relationship, career, blaming the ex, blaming the parents, blaming the government, blaming aliens, consuming jealousy, small mindedness, narrow-mindedness, rigid righteousness, the list goes on, you know your own weaknesses.

So as we draw towards the dark time of the year I have a suggestion, if change is really on your mind. It’s on a lot of people’s mind but working on the personal self is a bigger issue for most and not something people do willingly.

But you can, you can make a list of a certain behavior you wish to work on and little by little with constant forgiveness and vigilance you can make positive change in your life.

Start the work of developing your seed idea and then look for tools to help you get through it. Some ideas

Stop smoking

Eat better

Develop better family relationships,

Make better more uplifting friends

Work towards developing a positive spirit

Stop swearing( I f*&king hate this one)

Find a new teacher, coach, lover, friend

Be a better parent, partner, friend, lover, child, sister, brother,

Be better

Take small steps and do the work you have no idea how empowering it is to put your own will power to work. I swear(hahaha) it will work. Get a calendar of the upcoming winter season and plot your chart, keep track of what you are working on, journal about it.

For once take it seriously. The world is going to get more chaotic and dark, we need to be committed in our drive to be a better person and to be part of the movement towards love and move      away from greed.

So as the end approaches be prepared for a new you in time for spring. Anything is possible you just have to take that first step,

Go and prepare for the end…