let’s talk about unconditional love


There is a lot of “I love you” talk in spiritual circles. A lot of people feel the use of these 3 words can be uttered with little to no regard. Throwing around the phrase like pearls before swine. When we saw we love someone we better be saying it in the spirit it was meant.

Because if you cannot back up the phrase with the unconditional love you are exclaiming then maybe you need to reconsider the use of the phrase. We are so quick to use and reuse words until they lose their power and meaning, us pretending to be awakened when we say things without thinking. I think there is also a misconception that the world of God is a democracy. God is not asking you how you feel about certain things he/she desires, God is insisting on recognition that God is the creator of all.

Love thy neighbor as thyself, see God in everything and in every teaching. When we understand the power of these sayings we will surrender and love those around us as we are called on to do, and importantly, we will love ourselves. Love our neighbors as ourself was a directive of God’s.

Few of us love ourselves unconditionally. Do we think we are not heard by the still small voice we refuse to listen to? Every slanderous thought towards the self is a slanderous thought towards the creator who gave us the breath of life. Might want to check yourself. If God created you and gave you the breath of life then you can take that to mean you are loved by the creator who created you.

But as a whole we feel unloved, un-cherished, unseen by God. It is only because we choose to love that which is outside our self rather than searching within our own heart for the truth that resides in there. We can only know God when we turn within.

Meditation turns us in towards ourselves, so that we may revel in the gift of life that has been given to us by our creator. So that we may remember that there is a mysterious force animating our world and our being. Being grateful allows us to ride with this force not push against it. Unconditional love allows us to be healers of our own life.

When we feel grateful for our life and to the creator who created it, we change our perception of the world around us. When we have love for the creator who created us, we will stop killing the other creations God has made whether in thought, word or deed.

Having gratitude is the understanding of unconditional love. I was given breath and so were you and you and you, must be something creator wanted with us all. There is to much going on for us to think it a coincidence that we just happened upon the path of life. We are on a ride of life and the more grateful the better the ride.

We have to be grateful because we will never be able to fully understand the story of life. What looks horrible today maybe fine tomorrow. Look up at the night sky its filled with an infinite number of stars, this is a big, big world, in a big universe, inside another universe, moving towards and with other universes heading who knows where directed by who knows what.

Unconditional love and maintaining unconditional love towards life puts you on the river of life. Conditional love will push you under because judgement is heavy and heavy gets pushed down. Stop judging and start loving. Love is the force that will lighten your load, unconditional love will heal your heart.

Learn to love the way you truly desire to be loved. Allow everyone to be who they are so you may be who you truly are. Figure out that unconditional love is the game, all other games are being finished as it has been determined that love is the answer.

You yourself cannot be filled with love if you believe that anyone else cannot be loved by the force that is God. Unconditional love is the love of God. God is love. Period, end of sentence.

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