What the F…



I woke up this morning after screaming through most of yesterday. I am so done with life right now. The world is on fire and underwater yet most of the modern world is unaffected are still talking about fashion week, and diet plans, gym memberships and don’t forget the new organic foods at whatever high-priced grocery store is in their neighborhood.

After Irma a woman talked of the people on one of the Caribbean islands that was badly torn up by the storm but also damaged by looting, she said she understood looting grocery stores, people gotta eat, but other stores, that was just greed and asshole behavior.

What is wrong with people?

The buoyantly positive, its gonna be fine

The less optimistic, see I told you the world was going to hell in a hand basket.

Or my least favorite of all, the pandering words, it’ll be fine, F you, I’ll decide.

I don’t feel fine. I’m not at all pleased with life and how the humans are losing the game of Adulting.

Who on this planet is really interested in changing anything? Except for marital status, financial status, or becoming vastly popular… It’s a disease now running rampant through the world, everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame, however they get it…

My country embarrasses me, we worship money and desire what we want when we want it. Brings us your tired and poor and we will run them out, make them our slaves, or take whatever we want.

I want to start a new world. I am willing to relocate to a different planet, dimension, and/ or change forms, message me if you know such a place or plan.

What the F?


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