Make Sunday a funday especially if it snows

for a Sunday that is a snow day isn’t a funday you know

its a make for cover day

a where is my coat day

why yesterday was a sunny day,

what happened to today?

so rather than a sad day made wet by bossy snow

make it a funday by exploring parts unknown day

read a book day

see a film day

go look at painting up close day,

sit with your kids day

listen to your partner day

look up say thanks and pray

tomorrow maybe a sunny day

there’s always hope for another day


Love Love Love



Oh Saint Valentine pack up your bags and go

love isn’t just one day you know

to the fake lovers and the sellers of wares

that day marked for love will always be theirs

but for those who carry the forces of light

they rule with a different kind of a might

for them it is each day that is filled with delight

for true love is forceful when its used right

I love you now and I’ll love you then

there’s nothing you can do to make it end

I love you today and again tomorrow

your heart’s not a play thing and cannot be borrowed

So I’ll stand by the gate and send St Valentine away

what you need is real love that kind that does stay