For the fire to rise

For the fire to rise one needs fuel

For the fire to burn one needs a tool

For the fire to know one needs one’s head

for the fire will burn until you are dead

For the fire to feel it has to start in the chest

so their fire is fake they hold to close to the vest

For the fire to be real the first burned is the last

for their fuel is them, they blow in the blast

Then their fire burns a signal broadcast

for the phoenix has come, fucking at last!

Today is a D day

Today is a D day,

the worst of all the kinds of days.

D days are death days,

when loved ones show us they won’t stay.

A true d day is a surprise D

the kind you didn’t see coming,

because this loved one ducked us and left us

and they affectively fucked us.

Because they weren’t supposed to die.

D days, true d days, separate the bigs from the smalls.

Because you either take it & accept it,

or their death beats us all.

D days aren’t a joke day

they are a horrifying ghost day

a blast from the past you wish blew up like a smoke day.

D days are personal and mostly likely not talked about

but if a human around you experiences a d day

be ok when they bow out.

Heart pain can kill us like this D day tries to show us

So strengthen the heart that has blown apart

And remember the d days with love,

so their heart may restart.


For N