Solo travel

Solo travel they say with a frown,

how will you know what to do in each town?

will you be brave and hit all the spots?

or will you be scared and hide quite a lot?

I have been traveling by myself, alone most days

because a ring on your finger or a man in your bed

is not always a partner that says go ahead.

lets do what you want, lets see what you’ll see,

these idiots have no idea whats it’s like to be me.

now to be really honest she says her voice down

I don’t see what they see, i don’t feel like they feel

i needed my life to be really real

so i travel alone, solo with glee

so that the life i might live maybe all about me

now before you get all up in my craw

my lessons were learned the same as you all

I have suffered betrayal and scaled emotional walls

I have had lots of loss I don’t talk about it all.

travel is one the freedoms I crave,

perspective is gained in an amazing way.

so I say just do it, solo, just fine,

get used to yourself, your company is fine.

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