Life out of context

Looking up

So, in the category of what is going on, I say, life looks like a mystery bus tour. I’m seated on the bus in my part of the world looking out the window and who the hell knows where I am. Every day is different.

One day I live in a rain forest and have to have the button to my fireplace at the ready, it’s July. Then curtains pulled, shades lowered portable air conditioner installed, it’s the very next day. I read in the the New York Times that the flooding is so bad in some areas that it is sweeping cars and houses away and in another part of the world the drought is so bad work has stopped and smoke in the sky is the new normal. It’s not our mama’s world anymore. This is not even the world of my childhood!

For example, on a, it’s not that hot of a day here in the northland let’s go for a walk, said me, myself, and I. So we did. The above picture is the scene of a miracle I say. It was taken as the sun had nearly burnt the life out of me and, in short order. It felt so hot that in 6 seconds I would understand spontaneous combustion holy hell it was HOT. 3 blocks into my walk I had to make a hasty retreat.

Silly humans, they hate tree leaves in the fall and so trees in neighborhoods are culled until shade bushes are made to do the work and CAN’T. I had to make a retreat and this tiny woods near my house became my goal to GET OUT OF THE SUN, you know because there is for some stupid reason a scarcity of shade trees, here in the Northland, where humans walk.

“There it is”, I say, “keep walking” sweat pouring skin burning, and (YES, I TALK TO MYSELF) just a half a block more. In an instant the horror of the heat was abated and I was in awe of the mystery forest. A few short steps from the street to the path and boom, Trees just doing their job providing me, some squirrels and my murder of crows, much needed shade. I slowed down, frankly had to, and inhaled the smell of a humid forest and felt a slight breeze on my skin. For a moment It felt like walking into Avalon and I really wanted a mysterious Being to be further up the trail, see near heat stroke, I was hallucinating a mystery person in my mystery forest. Nah, I was fine. It was wonderful and I looked up and took that shot. The difference between me here and me there was lightyears.

What a thing, one minute heat exhaustion, and the next my life out of context. Rather than rail against the sun and the oppressive heat I instead let MY reality slip, just enjoyed being in that space in that moment. I allowed myself a time of magical thinking and believe me, that made my day so much better.

“It was awesome”, as my youngest granddaughter would say!

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