Isn’t that the eternal question, what now? What do I do, now?

We have gotten very used to setting our sights into the future and we keep putting stuff on our to do list. But only; after the kids are grown and moved out, then I’ll… or, As soon as they get over this I am out of here. But where do I go? What then? After I lose these last 10 pounds, get this certificate…you get the gist. Nobody wants to concentrate on the now, because we are broadcasting into the future. Watching our what ifs turning into what now. Because life is hard.

Hate to tell you but, that “What now?” is eternal. Until you get how time works, you are going to hate how long it takes to get anything done. That, “it’s a journey” thing, needs to be paid more attention too, and maybe, redefined for the back row. It is a journey, and it takes everyday of your life to partake of this journey.

The desire to distract ourselves has gotten so out of control that humans are forgetting their first job and thats to be Human. We are become more programmed all the time. Our creativity locked into what we buy and who we wear. We look at our devices anytime, all the time, and the world of now, has moved into a stream with a buy button, and you are blinded by it, thats not you living.

I saw a post the other day and it spoke about learning to enjoy the mundane aspects of life. Something grandma would preach when the babies were screaming and so were we..

So the peaceful looking mom, cool as a cucumber, surrounded by screaming kids and mundane chores, is telling her peers that if you can’t enjoy sweeping the dirt and making dinner and doing the laundry, then maybe you never wanted to be a mom to begin with. Parenthood is the hardest job, and no one ever talks about how hard it is, how relentless it is. Hell I’m watching my daughter after forgetting my early years of parenting and holy shit, I wouldn’t do it again, not in this world, said every mother of grown ups. How will she do it? How will any of you?

Same way every generation does it, step by step, minute by minute.

What now? Live your day. What now? That’s your child/partner/friend/pet needing you…tend to them, that’s a privilege. What now? Life is boring and you hate your job, the one that feeds your family, or hate your partner, or your life, yah you and a billion others, hold tight and make a plan. Don’t act emotional, think, apply logic.

There is a way out and a way through, every minute. So, what now? Pay attention to those and that around you, it will make your what now become a what’s next.

What now? Go plant a seed and the, whats next, will be the fruit of your labors. Be creative, Be positive and live your life.

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