I love to read. Back in the day of work, school and kids, it was the only form of escape I had. With the pressure of real life constantly pushing at me, the moment I picked up my book, I was another person living a different kind of life. The world spectrum was always at my fingertips, I just needed a book to be my door. This is the privilege of reading.

Lifetimes later, and books are still my doors to fantastical worlds. But and more importantly, they became my access to wisdom teachers and thinkers. The many beings I would have never known about if I hadn’t stumbled across their writings somewhere in time. I still look for new ideas and to learn new things in the many books I see everywhere. It’s a vast treasure hunt to me.

Throughout my time at school and in my home studio, I have used all kinds of print material to inspire creativity. In my paintings and color choices, my house, my food, it is fun and exciting to feel the creativity in the air, and on the page in front of me. I have spent many hours at a Barnes and Nobles coffee shop with stacks of books and magazines. Tons of hours in used book stores. I love it!

My daughter and I share titles all of the time. We also take planned outings to books stores wherever we might be. She knows the value of reading. I hope that as a reader of electronic media, (thank you for reading my blog) you will remember to include the old fashion book every once in a while. And I also recommend finding yourself a book store to peruse, or library selves to mine, search garage sales, goodwill, there are a lot of books out there, tons of wisdom and creative nuggets.

I have a gigantic rotating library as I can have health issues that restrict me, and reading then is a lifeline.I also read multiple books at a time, because multiple interest means multiple titles, ok so maybe I have a book collecting jones…and a real reading addiction. Oh well!

I still encourage you to find a book. Especially if you are down in the dumps, feeling unloved and alone, so bored your brain is melting. I tell you a fine book just may be the key the next thing. One never knows when inspiration will hit.

Here’s what I am reading right now; Paul Selig’s Alchemy, Marion Zimmer Bradley’s The Mists of Avalon, Scott Barry Kaufman Ph.D.’s Transcend and a few on the seasons of the wheel of our year. So much to learn and experience and in this time of uncertainty, staying home with a good book can be a steady way to make positive use of this time.

Happy Reading!

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