The spiritual journey is a highly personal journey yet we are all on one. Many of us looking for some kind of validation for our deeply felt innate beliefs. Looking around every corner and through lots of books. I’ve done it, I’m still doing it!

I have been a teacher of yoga and spirituality for many years and at this point on my journey I am searching through the can of worms that is my belief system. After every major personal storm whether it be marriage, divorce, birth, death, acceptance, betrayal I feel a cleaning of the internal house is in order.

After hitting the big 5o I am challenging myself to know my truth and explore what that means for me because the who I am today is not the who I was yesterday or last year or the me of the last decade. I will no longer walk quietly through the dark night.

I will say what I want! I will write what I think! I will live as I please! I will be reborn each day! I fully expect my path and belief system to grow and expand with me. This I declare and believe, (my southern Baptist roots bursting forth) or at least this is the way it is for now! I am writing now not just to teach and be the example. No, this time I write to keep me honest telling it how it is.

As a teacher for so many years I let myself go. I have given my power away through the years often forgetting the very lessons I was bringing to my students. Time for the teacher to go back to the mat bringing my own hands into prayer pose. This is a time out! I write now not just to teach Divine Spiritual Wisdom but after all the tragedy I have experienced in the last 2 1/2 years, I am writing experience. My experience! In order to fully transform I must take this time out for me. I am doing this by myself and for myself. By raising my vibration focusing on living my truth I lift my life up towards places I never thought possible. I lift myself so you can know you can lift yourself as well. Down into the trenches I go!

Peace, blessing and can I hear an Amen!

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