the spirituality of life

It has been a difficult start for 2016 that I have spent most of it in bed. I even went to Minnesota to visit my daughter after I thought I felt stronger and ended up with the flu. My granddaughter and I were getting re-acquainted as we both struggled with pain, what a bonding experience that was.  I was dealing with my body pain, and a baby upset and in pain and a daughter pregnant and in pain. It was not a nice time of family it was a horror of how can we make each other comfortable in this minute, now this one…

During the 3 weeks I would peruse Facebook for what was going on in the world but in a pain fog I saw only negativity. As I came out of the fog of illness and looked closer at our world broadcast through social media I realized how fast you can step out of the life stream. All I can say is that these are troubling times. Everything looks negative!

I think the amount of physical pain running across the planet is indicative of the mental pain that it is chasing. The amount of mental fog plaguing the ignorant is indicative of a surge of crowd mentality not realizing its following the tail of an ignorant beast. If we are not leading our lives then the media or who ever has the loudest voice is leading us. I do not need a blow hard voicing my views, thanks I’ll do it myself by voting people, voting!

It is a great horror how much ignorance there is swirling around and how willing people are to broadcast their ignorance. I really see very little value in ignorance when we have so many different ways to gain intelligence. Make sure if you are one of the ones broadcasting your views that you stay informed and work to make the light of truth your guide. Not your brand of truth but the honest to God truth. It may take a while to get people to stop yelling and see passed their flag of prejudice but if you wave a flag of clarity long enough I have to believe eventually people will see.

Be the change we need in our world by staying as close to the truth in all matters as you can because all lives matter! And when it comes time for you to truly voice your opinion get out there and vote.



Expectations can hurt you!


Chances are the first time you dealt with disappointment was when a gift you thought you were going to receive turned out to be something else. You wanted a specific pair of shoes, video game, purse, but you ended up getting something similar or completely different from what you wanted. It was a good gift it just wasn’t what you had hoped. The packaging could have been similar in nature to what you were hoping, making the unveiling that much more painful of a disappointment.

Sometimes we suffer disappointment when the thing we want is just out of our grasp, or it belongs to someone else. This kind of heart pain can be difficult to bear. This level of disappointment makes you want to shut off your heart so you never have to feel that pain again, ever. Problem is the disappointment stems from our expectation of something that didn’t exist in reality, it was all in our heads. 

How many women tell the story of falling in love with a guy only to find out he’s married. They seemed shocked yet when you hear the story, the truth is revealed in the details of the story. He only saw her at certain times, he never answered his phone, he would only want to see her last minute and be hard pressed to make plans, or let her meet his family. Classic dodging techniques yet under the spell of the sweet words of a magician even today intelligent women and men fall for it time and time again.

Entangling our desires with expectations is a recipe for heartache. You can never truly know the mind of another until like God you have raised your vibration enough to literally walk in their shoes. If you expect someone to be who they say they are then you better know who they are. If the words out of somebody’s mouth are not in line with their actions then they are not being truthful, end of sentence. If you take somebody’s causal sentence as truth that is your mistake and not theirs. “I love you and I need you”, heard with hope and near desperation. I knew he needed me… is the kind of lie that keeps you single and alone. Facing the truth is the only way off this one way highway towards pain.

You can not expect anything from anyone. You can learn to trust people and you will manifest the evidence that supports your continued trust if a person is indeed, a person of their word. The minute you have to justify someone’s behavior towards you or anyone you know or don’t know, is the red flag that most people let wave in the air. They will see that red flag warning and walk right into the heart break as they are betrayed again, hit in the face of the flag of ‘I tried to warn you’.

Expect only from yourself. If you have ever been on a diet, or a savings plan you know how much negotiating goes on in your head. “If I eat that cookie I will take a long walk” You know if you really mean it or if once again you are lying to yourself. We have all felt the disappointment of letting ourselves down. Ordering the dessert knowing full well the calories can’t be walked off, they will need to be jogged off and for awhile…

There is tension found underneath disappointment. It is the knowledge that if we were really truthful with ourselves, we knew we were being lied to or that we were lying to ourselves, it doesn’t matter which it is. Disappointment is a lesson best learned fast. If you are feeling disappointed in life you need to look at your expectations.

From now on leave your expectations at the door and learn to accept what is. Look up and see where you are at on your life path. If you are not where you expected to be you better figure out where you are at. Once you do that you will begin to see life the way it is and then what needs to change will be revealed. All of these revelations and changes will help you change your life. But quit expecting things to change if you are unwilling to do anything to change them. We are living this one life, now, we need to make sure that the life we desire is the life we are living.