messages for the push


There are times in life when the cheer leading squad of your world gets busy or is uplifting someone else, you can beg and plead with your God or the universe for a kind word and the silence will be deafening! I mean the screaming sound of nothing can take your breath away. It is the loneliest feeling, needing something you can’t find or reach for yourself. Yet, what do we learn, the strength you need to get through your sh*t is inside of you.There is inside of all of us a self-regulating monitor of love and support which can be activated if you quit looking for a source outside of yourself. The great power of the universe is inside of you. When we scream in frustration sometimes it’s because we know, we need to do something. Crying into the wind only can do so much…

So here are some push notifications to use when you need to remind yourself of the power in YOU

  1. You are unique. The world seemingly desires consistency between us humans, all the same wonderful weight and degree of success. But that level of sameness will burn the world out. We were made unique, a single vortex of creative energy that can suck a room dry with its neediness, or swirl in its wonder becoming everything you were meant to be. So stop trying to be “them” or “one of them”or “just like them” You were meant to be you, singularly you, without you where would any of us be?               SO BE YOU
  2. There is no wrong answer. Sorry perfectionists but each of us develops our own answers for our own unique life. I’m not Betty and you are not Joe. So what works for Betty may not work for Joe. And for every question you have there are a multitude of answers, there is not just one. An experiment is done over and over with minute changes in the problem to test outcomes. What is an answer today may become a problem tomorrow. SO KEEP TRYING, don’t stop searching for the unique answer for your unique question.
  3. You look like you are supposed to. It cannot be stated enough that your physical shell is not you, just the entity that houses you. We change houses all of the time. We remodel our houses. But if you tear your house down before you have another house you will be homeless, a spirit without a body. This is how most people live, as a spirit without a body because they hate their body. Hate yourself long enough and your body will begin to play along. Look in the mirror and see you, if you need to do some remodeling then do so. But remember you are not your body, it looks like its suppose to. You are awesome just as you are.
  4. Material success is not real. Change fixes that, one day this makes you rich the next day your money is gone. Material plane anything is a but a dream. Because frankly material success is a trap. Once you are dead your material success stays here and you go to the next world taking with you what can’t be carried. Don’t be fooled by a world that wishes to make you a slave to material things and this desire your primary concern. You can’t take it with you so work to have that which is not material.
  5. Love is the answer. The horror is most people have no real idea what true love is. The level of sacrifice, the amount of pain we endure, the hopelessness we face in an uncertain world all contribute to our suffering. This one is easy and hard but the lord gave us the one law, love your creator with all your might and love your neighbor as yourself. Correct your eyesight from dismissive judgement, see the other in front of you as you, see the world as a parent sees a child, love with the fury of a mother and the world will love you back.
  6. It is all a mystery. There is no human who knows. There is no one better than another, in the eyes of the big game of life. There is no second place. There are no winners or losers. There are no rules only consequences. The mystery of life is like a veil over our eyes keeping us from truth but focus your eyes on the third eye and your vision will  clear. Be better everyday. Be open to all that is happening and the mysteries of the universe will open to you.
  7. Be in charge of you. Face it no one knows you better than you know yourself.
  8. Don’t let anyone be the boss of you. Think for yourself. Be your biggest fan.
  9. Do your inner work . Be flexible in your beliefs. Keep your eyes on truth. Do not let someone else influence your beliefs. Be your own monitor.
  10. Use silence as a spiritual practice. When all else fails put your hands in front of your mouth, stop talking, start listening. That incessant chatting inside of your head is getting you nowhere fast, silence that voice. Harness inside of your self the voice of truth. Believe me, truth has a distinctive voice, you will recognize truth when you hear it. Believe in silence and let nothing penetrate your inner most self. God made you so be quiet and hear the voice of your creator, it calls for us.
  11. Be still and know that I am God. You can’t do it alone. We were not meant to do it alone. The help and support we need has been there the entire time. Inside of you is the strength of the universe. You are massive in your power so know that God is with you and the be that power.  Be still and know God has you, everything is going to be alright.

comfort zone


We hear talk about our comfort zone all the time now.

Look at the definition

comfort zone
  1. a situation where one feels safe or at ease.
    “the trip is an attempt to take the students out of their comfort zone”
    • a settled method of working that requires little effort and yields only barely acceptable results.
      “if you stay within your comfort zone you will never improve”

Funny to me are all the years I desperately wanted to find my comfort zone. I wanted to be comfortable, for once. Even now living alone and being alone so much I still hope to find a situation where I may feel comfortable. For years it was a similar feeling to never feeling safe. Now being alone all of the time just doesn’t feel right. It’s not my comfort zone, where is all of the noise, where are my children?

After all of those years raising a family and tending to the needs of children and teaching students, all of it was a comfort zone of sorts. I knew what needed to do and when I needed to do it. Now not so much! I have to decide what to do and when and what for…

Most of life was the search for comfort zone definition number one, “a situation where one feels safe or at ease” Knowing what you are to do and when to do it, are comfort zones. Knowing where you are supposed to be and maybe even who you are supposed to be would also be comfort zones.

But nothing lasts forever and life is about growth, boom comfort zone blows up and the next life stage begins to construct itself.

Fear strangles people and locks them in comfort zones they really don’t want to be in. Watch a drug intervention show and you will know what I mean. An addict will do anything to stay an addict because there is a comfort zone in addiction and its hell to get out. But after becoming clean the person can’t believe how long they were a prisoner to this self-proclaimed comfort zone of drug addiction.

Comfort zones become dangerous because they set us up for false safety. In life one must keep focus, like the lion searching for food, and the antelope hoping not to become food. They have to keep on their toes and in the animal world they stay on their toes because every one of the animals know they are food for something or someone else. Very little comfort zone in the animal kingdom.

So watch for your comfort zone traps. Habits are a comfort zone trap. We think habits are good but habits are just something you do all of the time, doesn’t make it good. Really, the only good habit is breathing, and as deeply as possible all of the time in order to stay in your head where you need to be, not in your fear driven comfort zone. These are the people with their head in the sand.

Comfort zones are religious views, bigoted behavior, crappy diet, stress junkie, drug addict(food, sex, drugs, rock and roll), it doesn’t matter. When you do anything to distract your self from life or put yourself in a prison of false comfort, it is a rejection of the power of life. It was never meant to be a game of ease, life is a journey and a journey goes up and down and all around and since we don’t know what’s going to happen, we call it a journey. We are on our way somewhere, yay.

So understand that a comfort zone is a state of mind at is best, you are ok just the way you are, be comfortable with that. You are moving forward in better ways, be comfortable with that. You are working hard to make a better life for your family and self, be comfortable with that.

Do not expect life to allow you to stay in your comfort zone. That’s not the job of life!

Leaving your comfort zone is the exercise of living life. Try new things, expose yourself to new thoughts and ides, awaken your creative self, get off your high horse, open your mind, shut your mouth, eat new foods, watch a different show, listen to a different station, try new music , read a different kind of book, go to a different church, spiritual system, climb a hill, move a mountain, sing loud, write often, dance every where all the time.

Shake your self loose from the confines of your rigid fear based living structure, break it wide open and let life in. You will be surprised at what you will find.

This is why I travel, it forces me out of my comfort zone and forces me into life, then I can sit and write and tell you all about it.

Let’s all get out there and live!

Let’s talk about the word God for a minute…


The light in this church is a great representation of God. The light itself falls over everything and anyone. It does not choose based on race, gender or how much money you have, the light shines.

We are all very confused over the idea of God, or whatever you want to call the higher power that is running the universe.

As you know I am traveling and the one thing I have begun to ask people, is there take on God or religion. Frankly it is amazing how many people simply do not believe in a God, or a higher power of any kind. We are simply on a spinning planet having risen out of the muck, waiting to see what’s going to happen next. Wow!

I am often told to watch how I use the word God and in many of the places I teach they moved to the words, universe, light, creator(same to me), architect of the universe, just so we don’t say the word God because I guess some of you don’t want to hear it. Well let me tell you how I see it and then you can decide if there is a need to get so up in arms, over a word.

I was raised in a born again environment, harsh beliefs, believe it or you went to hell kind of thing, didn’t make sense then, doesn’t make sense now. Really this powerful God has a temper, and is judgmental to non-believers and anyone who would think to die before being saved. Oh and that entire God’s chosen people thing… SO we have all been put here but only some of us are God’s chosen, please people, it doesn’t make sense!

I learned that God can be defined in 3 aspects, G-generating, O-organizing, D- destroying, God was not a person after all, thank you God. God is a force, a verb, not a noun. God is not and has never been your ‘father’ but God is your creator, different story…

When we look at God as a force then we understand that learning and working with the Divine Spiritual Wisdom that explains the laws of the universe, its working, and how we are influenced by everything around us, makes so much sense. It is a force, a moveable force, that is directing us, moving through us, and it is more than the mass that makes up our physical body it is also that which makes us, us. We are also a force living inside a physical vessel. We are animated bodies, not just vessels, we have the capacity for thought, consciousness, God in action all of that outside of our bodies.

The G-O-D words or the principle behind the word God allows us the knowing that we cannot understand the force called God. We will not ever understand the need to destroy in order to recreate, none of us wants to see death at the hands of evil or death by natural disaster it is too hard for us, yet it is part of the GOD force. We all know the new can only come at the destruction of what was.

When we understand that God is a force then we can learn to work with the force, it can be a feel good thing, and we can feel this great force around us, you know the chills you get sometimes when your lover is near, or the sudden awareness that something is up, that is the force of God working with you.

The cool thing is, the force of God is completely unconditional and available for everyone, headscarf, bald head, on your knees,  or silently praying every minute, or ignoring it altogether. This force is available and frankly effecting us all. The wind on your face, the sun in the sky, the pull of the moon, the repeating cycles of nature, are all sure signs of an organized universe given to us, for our comfort and growth. Not just yours, everyone’s.

Its time to get away from the label thing or even the trying to name things beyond our comprehension thing, some things we will never understand, ask the quantum physics guys, some things are just miraculous, ask doctors, nurses and every mother who has ever given birth. But to think we humans are it, when the GOD force is defined as infinite, then we as finite creatures will always have a hard time understanding it. But when we open ourselves to our own infinite nature, given to us by the animating force of the universe, you know G-generating, O-orginizing, D-destroying God, then we will one day all be on the same page of the book of life, knowing without a doubt that we are the GOD force’s children after all.

Another training, why you ask?



I’m taking another training and I always get asked why? Why are you taking another training? My best answer is, when do you think you have gained enough wisdom? While I have been blessed with an inquisitive mind I still love to sit with other like-minded people who are doing the same level of searching that I am. Not to mention this ones in paradise. But seriously, I do trainings for my self and my own growth. This makes me a much more effective teacher. What I learn I share and this makes training important to me.

Like the infinite nature of our Creator there is an infinite amount of wisdom to be learned. Wisdom itself is many layered. Jesus taught in parables in order for the simply minded to understand the teachings but a wise person could glean information and wisdom as well. Nothing the master did was ever one layered. Just like a true spiritual master when they teach it is layered from the simplest concept to the deepest level of understanding. We each take what we put into something.

Also I think an effective teacher works to reach a multitude of students and this makes continued learning important in order to reach everyone. It is the role of the teacher to guide the students from the dark to the light. You don’t have to be a Guru to do this work. A mother/father is an example of a guru within a family. A very important job of passing down everyday practical wisdom. Children need guidance.

I think everyone needs training from time to time. A way to boost what becomes rote. Many teachers get caught in the rut of teaching the same thing the same way all the time. Could this be the reason the church lost so many members? Each new age needs a new presentation of wisdom. In yoga we talk of the vibration, each generation has its own vibration and the effective teacher reaches that vibration by learning higher wisdom when they have the opportunity.

So no matter who you are, go get some new training. Pick up a book and increase your knowledge. Work your brain. It has been proven to slow dementia and other brain related issues by keeping it new. Learn something new and expand your mind.

learn to question everything, make your truth yours

As part of a spiritual community and a teacher I am either asking questions or answering them. I have a drive to know and I am not so interested in what you know if you have the mentality that what you know is the truth. How do you know its the truth? We have all been lied to at one time or another, and half the time you had no idea you were being snowed. Other times you couldn’t imagine that asking a question would make a liar out of the person you are asking the question to as you watch them lie right to you. I for one hate that!

Have the stones to tell me you don’t know rather than trying to impress me with your so-called knowledge. In the end its my responsibility to make sure the who I am asking the question is a valid source and not someone looking to impress me or get something from me. It really makes me mad when it comes from a so-called spiritual teacher. But then no one said a spiritual teacher was wise did they? That is one of those unexamined assumptions that make an ass out of you and me.

As a teacher myself and the butt of the end of a person who claimed to know, once I knew they didn’t know a thing it became my job to find out for myself. I have the discernment of an adult and enough wisdom to make up my own mind. Oh that would be called freedom. We as people would rather be told than search for ourselves. The media tells us what it wants, the church tells us what ever it wants and more spiritual communities have fallen apart when the truth they stood behind was not the same truth they lived by. You must be a vegetarian, celibate, bald, poor, but not us we are self realized and can do what we want, I mean what we are led to do as per the instructions of our teacher the one we pay big money to and that’s not you.

If we are ever going to grow in wisdom we must turn on our internal truth meter. I mean really if someone told you that the sun wasn’t going to come up tomorrow how difficult would that be to disbelieve? Yet we are constantly allowing someone to lie to us about something. Why ask if these pants make you look fat when you probably already know? If you need some love ask for some love, be honest about what you need and less manipulating. When we step into our truth it will make it easier to say what needs to be said rather than what everyone wants to hear. Of course there is no climate problem on the planet, come on people.

I am advocating for a truthful society. That’s where I want to live.

So question everything until you know it as your truth. Trust your gut to tell you what is real and call out the person lying right to you. They will never mess with you again and you will have activated your own internal truth meter, sometimes refered to as a bullsh*t detector. Use it or lose it.

Disappointment is a bitter pill, don’t swallow it


Awww disappointment! Receiving or experiencing disappointment is a tough thing for us humans. As soon as it happens it can become a cascading event of bad feelings whether the disappointment is coming from something that was done or left undone, it just doesn’t matter it becomes a doorway to negativity. One that must stay shut. Studying spirituality being religious any of the good feeling projects on the Earth move into a fog of forgetting when we experience disappointment. We become at once lost in our emotions of attachment and I am owed, I was used, I will never get what they get. All part of the game of life and learning what is actually important. Being, right? Being, being a being, not an emotional monster that can’t think straight or stay on the righteous path creating negativity and karma that has to be repaid.

Disappointment is part of life unfortunately, but its a great life lesson. When we expect people to be a certain way that is judgement. When we expect God to treat us a certain way, that is expectation, when we expect those around us not to hurt us, that is attachment. The feelings and actions of those around us is their karma and part of their life journey. Most of the time disappointment is about wanting what you want when you want it. News flash, not going to happen. The best we can do is stay in a place of neutrality understanding there is a bigger story going on than what we understand. You know what they say hindsight is 20/20. There is a reason for that. Life teaches that, that which we don’t understand is something to let go of and let God deal with. Like tragedies and horror on the planet, dear God take it away but for so many hard-headed humans terror and horror is the only language that can change them. God’s work is way passed our understanding.

What I do know and have learned is that when we walk in faith of a greater story, then we can be assured of a greater ending than what we see or are capable of seeing. Jesus spoke parable after parable on the unfairness of life from a human perspective. A wealthy man hires workers for his field and the last hired receive the same pay as the first, they scream unfair we worked longer and the landowner says we made an agreement. When we look around us and do comparisons of any kind is to put yourself in a dangerous position of thinking you know. One has to remember no one knows the mind of God. The universe is also always in a state of balance nothing goes unnoticed.

Disappointment is a false thing, a mind trap meant to keep us in the dark of emotional turmoil when the answer is simply be glad for all that good things that happen to those around you. Be glad that you see God at work. Be happy and uplifting, for those without Divine spiritual awareness see little outside of their eyes than that which benefits them. When we accept with grace everything that is happening to us in our lives, taking steps when necessary to correct that which is wrong towards that which is right, disappointment becomes a great teacher. Do not be a judge unless you are yourself without sin. When the master spoke of how hard it was for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven, he was speaking of our inability to be grateful for what we have and who gave it to us because when we are not believe me that which is in charge will know it and balance will be restored.

When disappointment comes, breath in, let it wash over you like a wave and then release it. You know the saying let go and let God! Soon disappointment will leave and your blessings will reappear. Spend a day blessing everyone and watch how it changes your perspective, you know your blessed, that’s air your breathing right? You are alive, that is a blessing!

Distorted internal images, enter the false self

imagesI wish I was the internal version of myself. The me on the other side of the mirror. You know the me that is so perfect. Her hair is always perfect. Her clothes are always right. Her weight never fluctuates. She never over drinks, or over eats and she never talks to loud for God sakes! She gets up every morning with a smile on her face sipping her cup of herbal tea, no caffeine for her. She does yoga effortlessly and is in touch with her higher self. You should see how awesome she is. She rarely gets angry and is a great help to everyone. She is selfless and generous. My life would be perfect! Right?


I get a glimpse of her sometimes trying to be me and frankly she gets on my nerves with her always right shit. “You really shouldn’t eat that” raining on my parade with her “right” thoughts and “right ” behavior. She never gives me a break. She sits inside of me being this perfected version of myself. She has been haunting me for years. Problem is she has been trying to get me to “see” something.

I have just reread Eckhart Tolle’s book “The Power of Now”. (READ THIS BOOK) A great book stating simply that our unhappiness can be found in our resisting the present moment or our lives at any given time. We will be stuck in thoughts of the future or past, never the now. And now is where all the action is. The one place no one wants to be. Can you imagine that most people that surround you are completely living in the past or future. That is not reality. It is not now.

This internal perfected view of myself is a trick of my ego to keep me upset with the me of right now. I become worried endlessly about my weight, my kids, my life, my lack of a life, my lack of a love life, whatever might be upsetting in my life situation at any given moment. My perfected self judges endlessly, it is not reflective of the real me. It is just a version of me and my life that I sometimes hold onto as “right”. It keeps me constantly upset rather than allowing me to revel in the beauty of the present moment. This “right” self becomes a false self.

We are hiding behind a “right” version of ourselves becoming scared of exposing our true selves. This feels very similar to only showing a part of yourself to your parents so they will be proud of you thinking that if they saw your true self they would never speak to you again. The false self is a mother fu*ker and constantly changes so you are never right and always wrong, see it’s a mother fu*ker! Destroying peace everywhere.

When I daydream of my perfected false self, dancing in harmony with mother nature, not shaving her legs, smiling in her perfected beauty living her perfect life, I can also see me making fun of all of it. I laugh at women projected like that, smiling through their periods, and having orgasms through child-birth. Perfected females. I don’t think of them as being righter in their womanly experience as me, it’s just another version of experience, I guess, it sure as hell wasn’t mine. This female body went through hell bringing 3 kids onto the planet and the battle scars are still visible 30 some years later.

This is my present moment self with all my horrifying life experiences and bad habits standing up to be counted. This is my now. In the present moment of now everything is fine. Anything that is negative can be corrected through right thought and action and this can change your experience of now. But right now is right now and every minute is flowing in the eternal moment now. Being in the now is where life is flowing. When you are not in the moment life is moving around you. Resisting the present moment makes for a miserable life. Clear off your mirror and see. Stop identifying with your false self and just let your self be.

My perfected self better watch herself because this version of me is going to kick her ass, false self out, true self in!

Training days

Training days

I recently got myself a puppy. That’s a picture of Zeus. At first I was not sure what was I thinking. My eldest son had given me the idea when I was in France having a melt down about being lonely and all of that jazz. He had suggested getting a dog as a companion. Turns out he was right but not without a fight. I had all of my adult life resisted getting a puppy because of the nightmare of the house breaking chewing up your stuff stage which I understood could go on for quite a while. When I was young mother I couldn’t stand the idea of dealing with raising a dog while knee-deep into raising 3 children plus the occasional step child. When the children were small and begged for a dog we adopted adult dogs, well-behaved house broken dogs.

Getting a puppy was a hard sell even now, as we headed to the shelter, I am not getting a puppy, I said…

until I saw his face.

Hmmm, maybe I could do this, she says. For crying out loud!

I fell in love with him at first sight, of course!  But he was just a puppy. I am not training a puppy, I said. I was afraid and way to Virgo to deal with the constant threat of dog doo in my home. But he was exactly the breed I wanted and as my son reminded me training a dog doesn’t last forever and then you have the kind of dog you want. He told me not to be afraid of training the dog. Afraid, me afraid…

I brought him home and I became hyper vigilant and got no sleep for about a week. In my virgo-ness I trained that dog quick. Smartie that he is. Turned out He was way more interested in doing what made me happy than doing what mad me mad.

…And he learned making me wash the same rug over and over again was making me pretty mad.

After fast tract training him to hold his piss which he does, I was reminded of my own hard-core approach to dealing with my kids when they were small. There were 3 of them , Nick was 4 when Natalie was born and almost 5 when Trevor was born.  I raised my kids to be self-sufficient early. I had to, they are a little close together in age and me with only 2 arms.  I worked hard in those early years ruling with an iron fist to keep them in line and out of trouble. I taught them to be independent. The more independent they were the more freedom I had to do chores, take care of homework, take a bath. I was young with 3 little people counting on me. The way we got along in the world was a reflection of the effort I put in to my kids to make it work.

Just like with my puppy.  I brought him home to be a part of my family. I want my dog to behave and act a certain way so I have to put the time into teaching him what I want from him and establishing for him what I will give in return. Because I am also his caretaker he will learn what I will do when he mis-behaves and how that differs from when he behaves well. All the training I do now is to get the results I want when he is much bigger, potentially much bigger!

I think training a dog to be well-behaved involves some basic child rearing principles that when followed breeds loyalty and good manners in a dog and wonderful children, sounds horrible I know but stay with me.  For example establish  authority over your children (in a respectable way) from the time they are small and keep it, children are not your friends and both our animals and children need to know who the leader of the pack is. Offer and give consistent discipline and advice developing mutual respect. Always meet your dependents needs. When you take care of someone they learn to trust you. Never to the best of your abilities make them suffer for lack of; food and shelter, or safety and guidance, or most importantly affection and love. I think following these guidelines with anything that is dependent on you will breed into them the desire to do their best for you.

Paying the kind of attention to your children, partners or animals that it takes to establish the kind of relationship you want is just the foundation of the work it takes to foster any good relationship. Putting in the time be it 3 weeks to 18 years to establish a right relationship with a loved one or a cherished pet will be the best time you will have ever spent.

It’s all about the training days as I pull a shoe out of the dogs mouth, scream at him about chasing the cats, feel my heart melt when he runs to me. That’s my Zeus.

Weeding through thoughts

I took this picture of these flowers while in France. Roses are one of my favorite flowers and I thought it was cool to see roses in bloom in December. The gardener of these grounds keeps them up even through the darkening of winter and the flowers rewarded the gardeners effort. Tending these grounds is an everyday affair and weeding the garden is part of the job. In order for the rose plants to look their best they must be separated by everything that is not a rose-bush. All other growth must be managed so the beauty of the flowers can be showcased and admired.

The gardener knows from experience what the plant needs and responds. I look within myself and see the same thing. The smallness of our lives keep most of us trapped in the grounds of a garden untended. The negative hurtful thoughts that choke off our life force are like weeds running rampant through our gardens. We forget our source because we see and feel nothing but the weeds that are choking us. We have forgotten our source we are so choked by our thoughts and our own looped thinking. We fight over semantics and antique religious beliefs walking in a garden of someone else’s making. Why have we forgotten that we have a living God, are alive in a living body, connected through a living force?

I spent the better part of Sunday and Monday reading the New York Sunday Times. It’s a big newspaper and it takes me a while to go through it. If there was ever a source for a constant reminder of all things bad it would be the front section with the news of the world. As reported there are horrors all over the world, wars and the ravages of war, people suffering and dying. The flu is becoming an epidemic, money is scarce and more people are dying and suffering, in our country and theirs, by our hands and by theirs. Its horrifying!

Awww the maya of the physical world, look around and you will see weeds everywhere and lots of gardeners hard at work. Very few people are weeding their own gardens. Problem with hiring a gardener for your own garden is the awareness that you are now at the mercy of your gardener. Half the time we believe we are tending our gardens and walk around completely unaware of the mess we are walking in. If you grew up within an untended garden it will take a while to recognize a well-tended garden and you may not know your right to have one of your very own.

I move my mind from one stage to another happily weeding my garden.

The is no greater power than being your own gardener and there is no greater risk. Because if your garden refuses to flower there will be nobody to blame but yourself. And often if you have to go the search alone your garden make take a while to manifest and patience must be applied. You must be willing to wait before you pull out plants understanding the depth of the root system that has grown in place. A deep root system allows for a garden to have plants that are hardy and adventuresome. A well-tended garden allows the birth of many new plants and allows for the removal of those not doing so well anymore.

I am one of the lucky people who has seen a lot of life and from both sides of the fence. I am not fooled anymore into believing money is an answer to anything and have learned the hard way that love is the answer but the definition of this kind of love is way bigger than most people can allow. The world garden is a very small place with lots of patches needing renovation. I think now is the time the world over for garden tending and a lot of plants need replacing as they have reached the end of their usefulness. Most of all it is time to garden for yourself.

Be careful as you start tending your own garden. Action is not the first step, awareness is. You must first sit and learn about your garden. Walk through it, see it, feel it, and speak with it. We must measure our own hearts and minds in our gardens. No one can do this work for you. Though most will give away this power to a gardener that seems more knowledgeable and once a gardener is in your garden they will begin weeding and replanting. Do they know what you want and need?

The most awesome aspect of taking over the care of your garden is the individual nature of gardens. No two gardens are ever alike and each garden is a reflection of its owner and its owners beliefs. How many people think orchids are hard to grow and will not even try to grow them? But all any plant needs is correct light food and water, love gives it everything else. Same with anything, give it the correct, light, food and water and love will fill in the rest.

Off to tend my garden while weeding through my thoughts.

Keeping silent

I love this image it is so telling about the notion of keeping silent. Keeping silent like in the picture can seem like something negative, tape over the mouth, do not talk. Equally for me is the image of her awareness of the power and choice of when to keep her silence or use her words.

In the spiritual tradition there is power in the throat center and a person can push a lot of that power around with their words. We all know how someone can destroy lives with their speech as most of us have been hurt by the stupid words spewed in our direction. Our speech can also be used to help and heal. A kind word to someone at the right time can change everything.

Keeping silent will give you the awareness of how you use or abuse your own language. Nobody wants to be seen as someone who hurts people by what they say. “I was just kidding” as they sting the hell out of you with their barb or the ever popular “you are just to sensitive”. If you have to explain yourself all the time yah, your words aren’t working! We also waste a lot of energy talking talking talking, without ever saying a word. All that talking does not make you wise. Become mindful about what you say and how you say it, it is a wonderful spiritual exercise. Keeping silent is even more powerful. As I move through my own spiritual transformation I have and am still learning about the power of silence.

All things work as vibration. The voice is us directing our vibration and as it moves away from us it affects all that is in its path. That is me as a mother or teacher I use my voice to direct those around me. Keeping silent is watching how the energy moves around you, and paying attention to what the energy around you is doing. This man is manipulating you, this teacher is lying to you, this child is not being truthful, this person is not buying what I am saying at all. Keeping silent opens a door that talking tends to keep shut.

Keeping silent allows you to really hear people when they talk because another thing most of us know is that rare is the person who feels comfortable enough to really share their inner most being. Most will say what either gets them attention, sympathy, or an audience. Keeping silent also allows you to know when someone is keeping silent around you when they have a whole lot of talking to do and they are not doing it, they are hiding on the banks of de-nile.

Keeping silent is an act of power. Keeping your silence about an issue of necessity is not. I am sick, you tell no one, I need help, and you tell no one, I saw him do that, you keep silent, I know she did that, you keep silent. I know that is happening, you keep silent. I wish I knew the answer and you say nothing. Keeping your silence does not remove you from the responsibility of speaking up. Those who do not know, need our help. Remember telling someone to keep their mouth shut can be just as necessary.

The mastery of the subject comes as more and more time is spent in keeping silent. Learning when it is right to speak and not being reactive in our speech. Keeping silent is a meditation in listening and awareness.

Keeping silent allows grace to move through you and settles your energy. Practice keeping silent as the holiday approaches. This is a difficult season for a lot of people. As you learn to listen more you will learn where your soothing words may be needed or stern words for those losing their way.

Sound is the mother of light. When God created everything it was through the word. What we never think about is the power of the silence before God ever uttered the words, Let there be light. That was God keeping silent while thinking of birthing us all. Now I am going to go and keep silent for awhile.